I’m back in the saddle again!

Quoting a great Aerosmith song, I’m back!”…I’m back in the saddle again!”

I’ve been avoiding my blog. I’ve been acting as if it doesn’t exist.

But it does exist, albeit pathetically and it’s time I get back on the horse and make some changes to it. (Have no idea why I’m referencing horses and saddles. Sorry)

Truth? I love to journal,..I love to write poems. I even have a dream to write kids books.

I do not, however, enjoy blogging. But it’s a new year year and a fresh start. Time for changes.

My plan is to form a different outlook on blogging. I am going to get creative with my writing. I am going to say what I want to say instead of trying to impress or get the attention of search engines and such.

Change is coming my friends and I hope my new attitude and intentions will shine through and make this a fun blog that people enjoy reading and one I enjoy writing.

Have a great weekend!

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